Keno Vs Bingo – Casino Games Tips

Keno - casino game

Keno and Bingo are the two highly acclaimed chance based games having different sources of their origin. Having a stimulating gameplay, both of them enjoy being on the top of player’s choice in every casino – online or offline. Yet, there are some distinctions that make them apart from each other, significantly. Keno is more a lotto game alike involving a keno ticket, and rest is done via keno zone’s wide screen’s displayed numbers, which decide the winner with his volume of winning amount. On another side, bingo is a game of bingo cards that contain a matrix of specified number of rows or columns, and winner is decided on getting some linear matching numbers out of bingo’s called numbers list. This linearity can be in various directions: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or even specifically located numbers; like four corner numbers. If we compare both of these games for their player base, keno has much larger player base around the globe; because of its roots in china, which is the highest populated country in the word. Yet, Bingo has also its spanned reach in every continent of the world. Hence, Bingo and keno both are equally thrilling chance based games with their loads of players base around the world. [Read more…]