Microgaming Poker Network to Expand Anonymous Tables Offering

The Microgaming Poker Network has announced that it will shortly be offering more anonymity to poker players at cash game poker tables.

Microgaming plans to make all no-limit heads-up tables totally anonymous while anonymous tables at full ring no-limit and 6-max limit will be rolled out by the Poker Network at all stakes. A limited number of anonymous tables will also be made available to players at “beginners” tables.

The Poker Network’s announcement that it will be increasing the anonymous poker tables at its site comes at about the same time that Bodog Poker revealed that new software on its poker site will remove the screen names of players completely from cash and tourney real money poker games.

Microgaming had actually introduced anonymous tables on a few select no-limit ring games and heads-up play as long ago as October 2010 in an attempt to quash the capability of heads-up displays, data tracking and data mining software.

Players are not identified by their perpetual screen name on anonymous tables but are identified by an anonymous handle. The capability of date tracking and heads-up displays is greatly reduced by anonymous tables and the unlawful practice of data mining is also invalidated.

Microgaming recently formed a Network Management Board in order to bring the key brands on Microgaming together so as to discuss network wide issues and also to “contribute towards the success of each other and to the network as a whole”. The move to expand the site’s anonymous poker tables is the first major network-wide change since the formation of the Network Management Board.